Watch With Me.

4 thoughts on “Watch With Me.”

  1. You’re hilarious sista! I’ll have to check out some of those shows. I don’t think I know anyone as obsessed with TV/movies as you, but there’s nothing wrong with that :)

  2. I can’t wait for my TV to start back up. I love a fully loaded PVR first thing in the morning, with my hot cup of coffee and sleeping baby! And no, your parents did not create a monster, I love TV, and probably watched just as much. I think we both turned out fine.
    I can’t wait for Lone Star, should be good! I’m also giving a few half our sitcoms a try (Stuff my Dad says, and Mike and Molly). Im not expecting much from either, but why not program them in anyways!

    What shows are you waiting to return?!

    1. Well….

      The Amazing Race is my favourite reality show. I am awaiting the return of Community and 30 Rock – my two favourite comedies. I really like Chuck, Fringe and of course Dexter.


  3. Nicely done. Yes they created a monster and I will be watching whatever you’re watching most likely. And Eastbound and Down.

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