100 Things About Amber

11 thoughts on “100 Things About Amber”

  1. #54 – Me. Totally.

    I hate horror movies. I would love to learn how to knit. And yes, you may very well be the whitest person I know.

    But it was fun, wasn’t it?

  2. There were only a few I didn’t know about ya! I think you should change the part about me to totally awesome or something way more rad

  3. I loved reading this list! So many cool things about you I didn’t know! We have a lot in common :) My BA is in Sociology as well, and as much as I love tattoos, I can’t bring myself to get one!

  4. I think it’s awesome your parents were both born and raised in Ireland! And that you told a friend your dad was in the IRA :) And I am dying for a tattoo (all my siblings have them!) but I’m too wimpy to get one.

  5. So glad you shared this Amber! :) Loved reading it!!

    We miss you here in Canada too! How about the four of us go to a Jays game this year before the bambino arrives???

  6. Kissing twenty Mexicans all in one night I might add….I really want to clarify that point just to save her reputation. but I think I will leave you all guessing.

    I was familiar with all 97 items except for # 36, 64 and 49.
    And yes you should be a writer. write a book…now!!!

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