Cherries Popped.

12 thoughts on “Cherries Popped.”

  1. Mazel tov on your new house! It’s just darling. I am extremely envious of the built-in bookcases; shelf space is one of our big lacks here. Enjoy making the new place a home! :-)

  2. Might I offer a preemptive congratulations! This is so exciting! I hope you blog all about the work that you do on the house! I love learning about that stuff!

  3. AMBER! It is SO CUTE! I love it, and there is SO MUCH potential (I’m excited, can you tell by my extensive use of caps?). My biggest pieces of advice is to live in it for a while before you start making any major changes. See how you use the spaces on a daily basis and it will dictate how you update / renovate! :) It’s all a process, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the inspection goes well!

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