Telly Thursday: Don’t Shut Off My Stories.

5 thoughts on “Telly Thursday: Don’t Shut Off My Stories.”

  1. At the end of a long day, nothing is better than getting lost in some fools messed up life! Crazy reality shows; I love them too. Some of my top guilty pleasures are Teen Mom (1 or 2, I’m not picky) and 16 and Pregnant. My other, has to be any of the Kardashian shows; Keeping up With, Take Miami, or Take New York.

    Nothing makes you feel better about your life, than seeing a messed up one, right? Is that horrible? Either way, it’s entertainment, it’s good for a laugh, and usually a shake of the head as you say “I can’t believe they just did that”.

  2. I watched a little Married with Children the other day…ah, the 80’s…good times:-)

    I think my most embarrassing guilty TV pleasures are What Not to Wear, Hoarders and Nicie Nash’s Clean House.

    Sometimes, like when I’m tearing-up during Extreme Makeover, the Home Edition, (like last night) I feel like it’s a guilty pleasure too

    I’ve “enjoyed” the few minutes I’ve seen of the Jersey Shore too.

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