One Love.

7 thoughts on “One Love.”

  1. I love how you take other people’s problems so seriously gambler, its people like you who make a difference towards change. In a state-run university, your religious views are checked at the door when you start working for them. Sour grapes if you think JC hates lesbians or gays, Jesus isn’t paying your salary while working at the school. People take the word of scripture way too seriously and when they start impacting other peoples lives in a negative way and are so blinded by their “views”, they become just as ignorant as they think other people are. You got fired, get over it moron!!!

      1. Normally with a position like this girl has, she would be getting a stipend similar to what I am getting for my work.

  2. This is a very well written post, and I’m glad you did it. You made a great point with the drug counselors that don’t approve of doing hard drugs. I couldn’t agree more, a public high school would be a dangerous place for this woman to work. And EMU was completely justified in firing her. The only reason this issue won’t go away is that she keeps appealing. I hope she continues to lose. I wonder what happened to her. Has she found another counseling program? I hope not.

  3. Amber, your blog would be perfect for the closing arguments of the lawyer assigned to squash her appeal. Great job and absolutely on target for all points.

    Separation of church ideals (personal and otherwise) and state is an absolute must for these type of roles within the concept of a public school system.

    It is very disturbing that bullying, no matter what type of bullying is not addressed by any school system.

    Well done Eastern Michigan University in firing this individual.

    It is sad that she cannot see beyong her own beliefs and understand the diverse thinking that is required for a position such as she wanted. Thank God, she isn’t a surgeon.

  4. I completely agree with you Amber. Its disgusting.
    Have you ever considered law school? Seems like it would be something you would really enjoy…

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