Happy Go Lucky

3 thoughts on “Happy Go Lucky”

  1. I generally look at it as the glass is half full . Sometimes, it really depends on my mood, how alive I feel or if I am tired after a long day at work.
    Do you recall your elementary teacher who always kept saying to you to be more positive?

    I am glad you have your math tutor to help you through your studies.

  2. to the days when the room smelled of salami and subtitles.
    Amber, you are young and one of the smartest people I know. I would not be shocked if one day your blog said that you were going to school to be a brain surgeon. I would think “yep. I saw it comin”. I would hate to do that math crap from high school all over again.I do recall having a massive panic attack after failing a math test in Hurleys class and your mom letting me stay at your house for the day. Looking back on that now it seems ridiculous but at the time I was consumed with the idea that my plan wouldnt work out… and here I am.. not being the scientist I thought hahaha in law school of all places… after working at a bank … which is no where close to what I imagined not so long ago.

    I am excited to see what path you choose. We will look back in 5 years at all of our lives and say ” wow… where did that come from” and smile. Big smiles.

    1. Thanks Alyson : ) I really appreciate that, it means more than you know. This nearly brought a tear to my eye but I stopped at the last second because you and I don’t get corny like that…. Well maybe sometimes.

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