I Think I Was Blind Before I Met You

11 thoughts on “I Think I Was Blind Before I Met You”

  1. Happy anniversary! I remember your wedding as a beautiful day with gorgeous weather and a stunning party! Also very swollen body parts for me and a huge preggo belly! What diamonds did you get this time??

  2. Happy Anniversary you two! :) It was a GORGEOUS wedding and I was so glad I could be there to celebrate with you! Can’t believe it’s been three years already! Enjoy today together xx

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Time flies! I hope you guys had a great celebration today! And good call on the necklace, Richie!!

  4. Amber and Richard. I hope you had a great anniversary. It was a beaufiful hot day three years ago and while I do not quite agree that it was the first day of your life it definetely was the first day of yours and Richard;’s life together. . I loved the song BTW.
    .I wish you many,many more days together.. Love the diamonds, Richard could you please have a word in George’s ear.

  5. Sister, 3 years already? Man oh man, was that a party. Lock that one away in the vault. All I remember is sweating my ASS off at Ashburn while watching my last sister swept off her feet by another dorky brother-in-law ;) Hope you had a great day. Love and miss you!

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