Poppa Owl.

2 thoughts on “Poppa Owl.”

  1. Such a sweet story! :)
    My dad travels a lot for work, Always has and still continues to travels, so I didn’t get to be around him as much as most kids would like, but there are a few memories I have as a kid:

    I don’t have many memories of living in India, but I remember we all used to hang out at my aunts house (my dad’s oldest sister’s house). My entire family now lives in the same block (all next door to each other haha), but back then, we always stayed there after school, had dinner together, etc. There’s this huge mango tree behind the house and I just remember my dad always climbing it when I was too small to pick down mangoes for my sister and me :)

    That or I remember waking up random Saturdays as a kid and smelling something delicious. It was my dad surprising us with French Toast :)

    1. My dad travels a lot as well – We’re convinced he has another family in Vancouver British Columbia he’s there so often.

      Thanks for sharing those two memories, your dad sounds awesome – WHO CLIMBS A MANGO TREE? Your dad. Brilliant :)

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