New Kids On The Block

2 thoughts on “New Kids On The Block”

  1. Wow! I would hate having neighbors like that. My parents house isn’t in a planned or gated community, but they have a little homeowners association within the area. They let my parents know how “aesthetically displeasing” it is when their lawn gets a little long. Granted, my parents travel a lot and are gone 60-75% of the time, so they have a lawn guy come take care of it every few weeks so it doesn’t get ridiculous. But you’d think we had some crazy person monitoring their house 24/7 :P Very annoying. Hopefully this busy body keeps to herself and learns quickly not to get in your business!

    1. I don’t know how your parents deal with that – even if they are away all the time. I read an article about a woman in California who wanted to dry her clothes on the line but her HOA refused!

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