To Tree or Not To Tree?

4 thoughts on “To Tree or Not To Tree?”

  1. For REB’s dad’s side of the family, we always do Thanksgiving with that whole side of the family. They don’t really celebrate Christmas, so it’s our one time a year to get together with everyone and have dinner. His uncle on his mom’s side sometimes does Thanksgiving, but since his uncle’s bday is Christmas Eve, we usually just do dinner over there that night to celebrate both.
    As for my side of the family. We don’t really celebrate either :\ We only do when my sister and brother-in-law are in town. So this year my sister and brother-in-law are going to MN to do Thanksgiving with his family, which means they’ll do Christmas in MI. Next year, Thanksgiving is in MI for them and then Christmas in MN. It alternates every year :)
    REB and I don’t really put up a tree. We bought one last year, but it’s not like we NEEDED to do that. We exchange gifts and sometimes I bake, but it’s not really a big thing for us :\ Man. I sound like a Debbie Downer lol

    1. We are both Debbie Downers! I’m just happy I don’t have to deal with having a ton of guests over & all the dishes that come along with it. We’re probably going to go to Oregon for Christmas next year since we always do Christmas with my family since they’re closer.

  2. I absolutely love Christmas and can’t imagine NOT decorating, but I totally understand what you’re saying. If we had to buy all new stuff every year, I probably wouldn’t do much either. But we’ve collected a lot of stuff at after-Christmas sales, so we’re ready to go every year :)

    1. I was much more excited to decorate for Halloween! I was begging Richard to spend $$$ on super-sweet decorations. After-Christmas sales is a good idea, maybe I will buy a little this year and decorate next year.

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