My Bags Are Packed.

2 thoughts on “My Bags Are Packed.”

  1. Great post! I used to travel for work every two weeks so I got into the habit of packing more than I should. Weather is unpredictable and you never know if you’re going out some place fancy or not or whatever. I always bring more than enough clothes (warm and cold weather), pair of sandals (that can also pass for dressy), boots (now that I own them bahahaha) and walking. I always bring TONS of accessories (scarves, earrings, flowers for hair, bobby pins, necklaces, etc.)
    However, if I ever forget the above items, I can usually buy them where ever my destination is. So really, I just always make sure I never leave home without: camera and its essentials, iPod, phone, appropriate charger and my no-baby pills (TMI but truth!) LOL.

  2. I blame my packing habits on being a Girl Guide and the “always be prepared” motto. I over pack, but not like 2 suitcases too many over packing. I figure, if I’m taking that bag with me, it might as well be completely full :). And yes, it always happens that you pack all these things you never get a chance to wear, and end up wearing the stuff you always wear. Whats up with that anyways?!
    As so items I always pack, that varies depending on where we go, but I can almost always take my black 3/4 sleeve GAP cardigan; goes with everything, can be dressy or casual, and its a great layering piece in any climate!

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