But I Don’t Wanna Blog!

3 thoughts on “But I Don’t Wanna Blog!”

  1. Hey, you posted!! Even if it’s just your thoughts, that’s still awesome! You’re doing great :D Congrats on the GRE! REB is taking the GRE in two weeks to re-apply for the doctorate program at U of M. I admire you and him for going on with your education! :D

  2. lol… I feel the same! The only way I get through the work week, is thinkin i’m gonna be joining grad school soon….someplace new.. someplace but not ofice! hehe

    Hey lucky you, your course doesn’t need the GRE score!….Still preparing for that crapy crapy test!

    And hey, not bad you posted with nothing on your mind! ;) :)
    hehe.. Happy Blogging!!
    ..have a good week!

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