Overcoming Fears: I Went To The Gym!

One thought on “Overcoming Fears: I Went To The Gym!”

  1. I was a member of Ballys for three years. I got sucked into one of those 36-month contract things (even though they told me it’d be month-to-month..READ THE FINE PRINT, APARNA!). While I hate the entire corporation of Ballys (they’re worse than any kind of motivational speaker and they’re just plain sleazy and sneaky), I liked the idea of having a place to work out to put my money to good use. I know exactly how you feel though. The girls there who were doing the step aerobics classes, kickboxing, etc. were in the best shape of their lives, would chat up with dude-bros and talk about “getting toned for Cabo”. I found that if I just worked out on my own, doing SOME kind of physical activity for 30 minutes, I burned enough to not feel bad about the day LOL. Good job on working out and heading to the gym! The hardest part is lacing up the shoes to get there ;)

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