Property Virgins, You Kill Me.

2 thoughts on “Property Virgins, You Kill Me.”

  1. I know exactly what you mean!! I always laugh when they say they’re looking for a fixer-upper, and then when they’re shown one, they complain that it would require too much work. Or the annoying wife/mom would say “Oh wow. A WALK-IN CLOSET FOR ME. Where will YOUR clothes go, honey?” So irritating. Or they complain about gross wallpaper and carpet. Cosmetic changes are sometimes the best things you can do to a house to make it your own!! I can’t wait to start house hunting soon!! ^_^

  2. *Round of applause!

    I can’t watch a lot of HGTV shows anymore. Those people make me want to poke my eyes out! I hope they pick people with completely unrealistic expectations on purpose!

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