Home Improvements: Master Bedroom

4 thoughts on “Home Improvements: Master Bedroom”

  1. WOW. First off, that’s an adorable room (and I totes dig those accent pillows on the bed!) I agree that a lighter color on the wall would definitely make it feel big but also warm and cozy at the same time. I love warmer tones :) No shame in the picture. You don’t even WANT to see our bedroom (o_O) Gross. If you saw it, you’d for sure think, “Yeah you two are ready for the responsibility of a house,” but I swear we are! haha.
    I love the idea of a mirror and some pictures! I big mirror from IKEA is like $50 too! Or a giant clock maybe? but that might always stare at you and time staring you in the face is never good. What about a small book case next to your bed? That way it’s in the same room with the reading nook (which I love the idea of putting a big chair in that nook) and it’s also next to your bed so you could read in bed :) Unless you prefer bookshelves be kept out of the bedroom. You could do a long accent table and put a ton of pictures on it in funky, fun frames too. It’s so exciting you’re going to redecorate and make the place your own!

  2. I’m jealous you get to redecorate! We’re done with this house…well, not really but we’re not putting anymore cash into it bc we want to move next year. Cute room though, I’m sure it’ll look ah-sum when you’re done with it!

  3. Such a cute little space! I love the nooks! A reading area in the one is a great idea; super comfy chair, little table and lamp and a small bookcase. And yes, good luck finding a big comfy chair that won’t break the bank! The other one, maybe make some built in shelves. A spot for some books and pictures, maybe with some closed doors for extra storage. Or if you needed more closet space, you could extend the closet across the entire wall.
    Can’t wait to see the finished room!

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