Ghosts Aren’t Real, Right You Guys?

5 thoughts on “Ghosts Aren’t Real, Right You Guys?”

  1. I TOTALLY believe in ghosts! I believe there are beings that linger because of unfinished business, or just because they have a story to tell us and can’t. Maybe it’s the whole re-incarnation thing in Hinduism, I dunno. But I think there are spirits all around us :) Maybe the ghost was trying to give you a sign to be aware of something coming…

  2. This is so well written I could envision every aspect of it. Kate is the same way when I’m gone on trips, so I can relate to this story by hearing many of her own. I’m a skeptic as well but I watch all those TV shows too. Maybe a part of me wants to believe? That’s pretty freaky hearing the “Hey”, but nothing happened after?

    1. Thanks, Pat! You’re luck to have a super tough wife like Kate ;)

      Nothing happened after the whisper other than my meltdown. Maybe the ghost only likes to make appearances when Richard is out of town!

  3. HAHA! The way you wrote this is hilar. I go back and forth on this subject. I had a few weird things happen as a kid, like hearing a “ghost” woosh by my ear and say something and one time my bed shook while no one else felt a thing in the house. But now that I’m older, I convinced myself I must have been dreaming! And Pat is right…this is so me when he’s gone!!

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