Sleepyhead: A Review of Philips Wake Up Light.

4 thoughts on “Sleepyhead: A Review of Philips Wake Up Light.”

  1. Ryan Gosling SHOULD wake you up! “Hey girl, it’s time to get up.”.
    I am not a morning person either. Case an point: I have four iPhone alarms, all different ring tones, all 5 minutes apart and all with different names ranging from “Time to get up, Aparna!” to, “SERIOUSLY SLEEPYHEAD, GET YOUR ASS UP.”. My problem is I feel anxiety if I don’t get up and get to work by 7:30. This is a horrible problem and one I want to remedy ASAP. This device will likely not work for me solely based on the price. Also, the con listed that part of you died doesn’t make it seem like a good fit for me or my household. Great review, though!

  2. Great review! Thank you for sharing ! I am considering to get one myself, but not sure which model to choose! Anyway, thank you so much and have a lovely week ahead>

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