Looking Back on 2012

One thought on “Looking Back on 2012”

  1. I think you did great with your 2012 goals! I can’t believe how much you read. I wish I had that drive. I love to read, but I love to cook, blog and photograph more LOL. Stupid. Reading is so important for the mind! I am BLOWN AWAY by your and Richard’s work ethic on working on your house. We’re creeping up to the one year mark on our house and all we’ve done is: put in a fence, paint some rooms, bough some couches. ….That’s not really anything major. I hope to do more work this year: decorate more, start buying furniture for our rooms, making it look less like a place we just moved into, and more like a home.

    If you ever want to go on photo walks, you know you can call me up! I’m all for it :) I enjoyed photographing the pair of you this year and hope I can use as my photo guinea pigs in the future!

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