New Year Happy Fun Times.

2 thoughts on “New Year Happy Fun Times.”

  1. You did have a great 2013! You’ve done so much and your 2014 is going to be equally awesome, I’m sure of it!! :) I’m lucky if I can read like 30 books each year, so 50 is always a great challenge and I’m sure you will do it!

    I will help you explore Ann Arbor and Detroit!! REB and I are always looking at things to do in A2 and we love it :) And we’ve started exploring areas of Detroit so we’re happy to have you guys come with us next time we go down there. PLUS! I’m always available for photo walks so you can use your camera more!

    Here’s to 2014 and more fun memories!

  2. Good luck Amber in 2014. I wish I had your drive to do at least 25% of these things. Maybe we can do something together to knock it off your bucket list . Perhaps back to Vegas and this time the Grand Canyon tour. Xoxo

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