My First University Basketball Game

In an effort to “get out and do more stuff” in 2014, Richard and I braved the cold and a snowstorm on Saturday to see a university basketball game. Richard has been really into basketball lately. He’s all about it. Because I’m a good wife I’m also trying to get into it.

I’ve been anti-basketball for most of my life. Let me clarify, unless you’re asking “Who invented basketball?” (ANSWER: A CANADIAN!) I am not interested in basketball. I just don’t get the appeal. Lots of running back and forth, scoring, some dunking, and squeaky shoes. My biggest qualm- with so much scoring, how does anyone get excited about it! Plus, they’re so tall and the basket is right there… Shouldn’t they be able to get it in? They’re 2 feet away from the hoop. I think there should be a league for regular sized dudes.

Me watching basketball on TV:

“Oh, he’s go the ball! He shoots! Yay! Go team!”
30 seconds later
“Oh, he’s go the ball! He shoots! Yay! Go team!”

(Don’t I sound fun to be with at basketball games? Ha!)

You get the idea. I’ve always been on the edge of my seat watching hockey because it’s fast paced and high scoring games are rare so seeing the few goals your team gets is *SO* exciting. Everyone freaks out. You hug people you don’t know. You just lose your shit in general. I’ve never seen basketball fans really freak out every time their team scores.

Before I share my experience at my first US basketball game, I need to disclose something: I was for a brief period, a dark chapter of my life…a basketball referee. When I was in elementary school I was approached by the principal who asked if I wouldn’t mind refereeing intramural basketball games during lunch. I’m not sure why she approached me, maybe because I was tall? Either way I accepted and proceeded to ref a handful of games. I didn’t know the rules and didn’t care. I had a whistle and that was powerful. Ask my brother – he played in a few games I officiated and I would call fouls on him just because I could. I knew barely any rules but it didn’t matter, I was drunk with power. I digress…

I headed to the game with an open mind and I’m glad I did – it was actually fun! The EMU Eagles played the Rochester College Warriors at the EMU Convocation Center. It was surprisingly new! I was expecting something akin to my high school gym (which isn’t bad, I went to a brand new high school) but it was much more impressive. There wasn’t much of a crowd which made yelling loudly – something I can do really well – not much of an option but the players brought a lot of energy. Seeing the game in action with my husband explaining what rules he does know made me not only NOTICE but appreciate the nuances. I guess it’s not all “Running back and forth and scoring” like I thought it was. For example, did you know there is a thing called a “Shot Clock.” Once a team gains possession of the ball they have to shoot within 35 seconds. WHO KNEW!?

I also saw cheerleaders. IN REAL LIFE. I thought cheerleaders only existed on TV and in movies. I think my high school had cheerleaders but they sure didn’t do 10 back handsprings in a row or acrobatics. At one point they did some flips still holding onto their pom-poms and I lost my mind.

We’re going to go to another game soon. This Tuesday, in fact. Below are some pictures I took from Saturday. For $6 I had a fun afternoon with my husband, got to experience something new and the Eagles have gained 1 more fan, even if I am still completely clueless about the sport. GO EAGLES.

Treat yo' self.

Treat yo’ self.



Our view from section 207.

Our view from section 207.

Half time hi-jinks.

Half time hi-jinks.


4 thoughts on “My First University Basketball Game

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! Reminds me of when my husband and I attended our first minor league baseball game. I am not exactly a “yay, I super-heart sports!” kind of person, but I had a blast and loved that it was such a reasonable price for a whole evening’s entertainment.

    • Exactly! Minor league and college sports are cheap and entertaining for the cost. Who knows maybe we’ll get out to a minor league baseball game this year – I do know the rules of baseball :)

  2. Looks like you had fun!! I can’t stand basketball. OK let me rephrase that, I really despise the NBA. Now College Hoops I’m OK with. The Spartans are awesome at the sport and the Izzone is one of the most high-energy student sections! …but don’t tell REB that. He’ll be a Syracuse Orange fan his entire life ;) Now what I really want to discuss is your days as a ref. We must digress a bit more on this. Like, why wasn’t this a career path? You couldn’t be officiating WNBA games by now! Did something dark happen to end your days as elementary school lunchtime referee? I must know the details!

    • LOL I love that you worked The Spartans into your comment. I think what ended my days as a basketball referee was that I had no idea what I was doing and the kids, especially my brother, knew that. I literally made up every single foul I ever called. No one asked me to stop doing it but I think I quit because deep down I knew I was a total fraud.

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