Ten Before Thirty: Update

2 thoughts on “Ten Before Thirty: Update”

  1. You should feel OK. You’ve accomplished a hell of a lot more than you could have!! And you’re well on your way to HOTTER bod. Because you already have a hot bod.
    • You bought a house before you were 30 – a lot of folks can’t say that and will never achieve that. That’s a huge responsible undertaking!
    • You’ve MAINTAINED a job for an extended period of time — and in this day an age, not a lot of folks can say that either. It’s unfortunately really how the job market is, but you are doing it, despite it’s stresses and frustrations <3
    • You've done work on your home to build its equity and worth – that's pretty damn good considering I can't even mull over the fact that I want to do renovations on my house but it costs too damn much.
    • You've supported your hubby's aspirations to furthering his education – do you know what kind of mental strength and support that takes? It isn't easy and you are a saint to him for supporting that dream of his!
    • I will hands down go to Asia with you. Does southeast Asia count? We could go to India and see my family! AIR TRIP!
    • And the most important thing: You're stuck with me for life. Even if you move away from Ann Arbor, you should know that your friendship has been one of the things that keeps me sane and we owe it all to Twitter.

    /end touchy moment.

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