Reluctant Yogi

One thought on “Reluctant Yogi”

  1. You may think you didn’t do well – BUT YOU DID! Remember: You showed up on your mat that day and you will at least four more times and that says a lot. You still got it, girl, and I’m really proud of you! And keep a few things in mind for next class, which also happen to be Dominique-isms:
    • Where ever you are, is _exactly_ where you should be
    • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else but yourself
    • Do not do something that does not serve you – if you don’t want to do a pose, don’t! Your flow is your flow and yours alone. It’s _your_ practice! <3 :)
    • Remember to breathe through the chaos. Life is crazy and the reason you went to yoga was to better your mind and your body, but also have time for _you_ doing something you love to do and have always loved to do! Just remember to breathe. Always come back to your breath and NOTICE!

    And finally, a tip I learned about hot yoga in general: When you're starting out, only do about 80% effort. The heat is an added challenge, and you don't want to overexert yourself. My first heated yoga class I took the dude running the place told me to just do 80% and rest when I had to and not be ashamed of that. If you sit in shivasana "corpse" pose for an hour, so be it. You showed up and came to your mat. That's what matters in the end :)

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