2016! Let’s Go!

One thought on “2016! Let’s Go!”

  1. Your 2016 goals are so awesome!! I’m sure you’ll knock the volunteer one out of the park. I love your Sunday snap updates of who you’re walking and your recap of how it went! :) it’s sweet when you can snap again later in the day or week that one of them got adopted! I know how rewarding this is for you, so your enthusiasm and this goal makes me really happy!

    I am determined to stick to blogging this year, too!! It is hard but it’s fun :)
    I like your meet someone new and make a new friend goal too. I feel like we could both attain that! We’ve met Ben and Elissa last year…and I met Vishnu not long ago which was also cool! We should find another twitter friend and become besties with them! Maybe we can befriend CRJ and become friends with her. #SQUADGOALS

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