Volunteering Like It’s My Job

2 thoughts on “Volunteering Like It’s My Job”

  1. Ho-ly. Crap. I knew you had walked a lot of dogs, but I had no idea you had walked this man! And these are just the ones that have stood out, right? I can’t even imagine. I’d be nervous every time I walked a dog. You’re right about pit bulls. True, historically some breeds have a temper or whatever, but it’s all in how you train them! I’ve met pit bulls that are just the sweetest and biggest pansies! I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments with walking this many dogs! Do you think you’ll continue to keep a list/keep track of the ones you’ve walked?

    1. I’ve probably walked 15 or so more than that- every time I volunteer, I have to remember which kennel the dog belongs to, or I risk putting them back in the wrong spot which would be a total disaster. So this list is from the notes I’ve kept about which dog goes where.

      Thanks for your support!!!

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