My best friends.

In truth my favourite way to relax is to change immediately into clothes I can describe as “Britney Spears on her off day.” Once I’m in my droopy sweatpants, I hit the couch for some pup-time. Dogs are the perfect drug. Sit with a dog who loves to snuggle, like my Andy, and I dare you not to feel the best high. Yes, this is a post dedicated to how amazing dogs are – Surprise! Continue reading My best friends.


Memorial Day Weekend

Looks like Project 52 fell by the wayside as did my blogging (per usual). Let’s pretend like that didn’t happen, shall we? I thought I’d share some pictures from my trip home to Canada over Memorial Day weekend. My sister had JUST had her third baby on Monday, May 21th (Victoria Day in Canada!) and … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend

Poppa Owl.

This post is a little late considering Father’s Day was on Sunday, but since we should honour our parents no matter what time of year it is I thought I’d post this story about my dad anyways. When I was 7¬†my parents put me in¬†Brownies. Yes that is incredibly dorky and no I will not … Continue reading Poppa Owl.